“… a paleo chocolate mousse made from cacao, dates and cashews — every one of these things completely delicious.” New York Times (July 19th, 2015)
“I am very picky when it comes to my nutrition. When I am craving something sweet, Chocolate MUD does the trick. Not only is it absolutely delicious, the ingredients are all natural and there is no added sugar. My favorite time to eat MUD is after a tough workout, though it’s great any time of day!” Kari Pearce
CrossFit Coach and Competitor, Holds title for 21st Fittest Female in 2015

June 2015 Edition of Life on the Point; a social magazine exclusively for the residents of the Village of Sands Point by N2Pub.

FullSizeRender-1-300x300When you hear the word “MUD” I’m sure you automatically think of the disgusting messy stuff on the ground. Well I once thought that too until I stumbled upon Brooklyn’s own Paleo Factory’s delicious pudding concoction known as MUD.

I went to Riis Park Beach this summer and stumbled across the MUD table as I was walking towards Riis Park Beach Bazar; a gathering of food and merchandise vendors. It was the signs that read “gluten free” that first caught my eye then the friendly owners, Miriam and Sam gave me a sample to try and I was instantly hooked. A healthy, all natural, gluten free dessert that actually tasted good was something that I did not think existed until I tried MUD!! The MUD Bar was awesome and the owners along with their adorable dog were so incredibly friendly and passionate about their product that I walked away with a cup of chocolate mud that day.

After the day at the beach, I couldn’t stop thinking about how good the MUD was. Every time 43fadbc2-7693-4304-83cd-23792bd56843-300x225I reached for a fattening dessert, I remembered I could have MUD a healthy dessert without real sugar (which always spikes my blood sugar level leading to serious energy crashes and crazy cravings). I knew I needed to incorporate it in my life as a substitute to ice cream so I contacted Miriam for a full pastry bag of her Vanilla Mud! I kept it in my freezer for a while then once I took it out, it lasted for about two weeks. I like my MUD with Peanut Butter and sliced Banana or just frozen right out of the Mason Jar.