In 2013, a health nut – Miriam, and sweet tooth – Sam fell in love, but were often at odds over what’s for dessert. Sam loved ice cream. Miriam would look at the ingredients and cringe at all the processed sugars and sugar alcohols.


One night, Miriam whipped up a 4-ingredient ‘ice cream’ made with a base of coconuts and sweetened with dates – the whole fruit. Sam was hooked on a healthy dessert for the first time and shared it with friends and family exclaiming, 'Look, Miriam made something healthy that actually tastes great!'


Soon enough, friends, family, and even perfect strangers wanted Miriam’s creation in their freezer, so they started to sell at pop up shops and street fairs. Then, people were asking, 'where can I buy this in stores?', so they learned about food manufacturing, branding and packaging and started to distribute to health food stores in NYC and Long Island. Then, bigger supermarkets like Wegmans, Whole Foods and Big Y took an interest, so they continued to improve their manufacturing capability and expand into more supermarkets, grocery and health food stores.  

Today, Eat MUD - Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Sweetened with Dates product line has evolved from our humble beginnings on the boardwalk into a consumer-packaged good food brand selling into national distribution and supermarket chains all along the east coast and we continue to expand. We maintain a unique position in the frozen dessert market - the cleanest ingredients label in the frozen desserts section and a whole fruit sweetener in a creamy, rich dairy free frozen dessert.

Our Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Sweetened with Dates product line satisfies a variety of consumers looking for an indulgent nourishing treat, including features like: No Sugar Added, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, non-GMO, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian consumers, or any consumers who are health conscious, health curious, or just bold enough to try something called MUD…