Learn To Really Enjoy Food. Pancake Delight!

Becoming a mom has changed my relationship to food. Whenever I get a free moment to eat, it's functional.

Feed me!! So I have enough energy to fold laundry, wash the dishes, and answer emails.

I realized this when I put a pancake in my mouth and stopped myself midway because I didn’t taste anything. I didn’t taste it because I didn’t realize I was eating it.

It was in my mouth, but my mind didn’t register it. I could have been eating the most delicious or the most grotesque thing in the world and didn’t even know it.

At that moment, I realized I wanted more.

So I asked myself: Can I enjoy this? Can I take 2 minutes to actually savor the taste, the texture, and the space this pancake occupied in my mouth?

I said Yes. Although brief, this pleasurable moment reminded me that I too deserve to enjoy myself. To play with my tongue. To delight my senses. All in the privacy of my mouth.

Plus, these gluten-free pancakes were made with nutrient-rich almond, coconut and cassava flour! Felt like a win-win, baby.

Do you enjoy the food you eat?

Do you ever regret it afterwards?

My hope is that you begin to notice.

Notice your relationship with food.

Notice how food feels in your mouth.

When you're eating, ask yourself: How does this feel in my mouth?

Afterwards, ask yourself: How do I feel now?

Notice, that's all.

Wishing you more pancakes and delight!

Mindfully yours,