they join TOGETHER to spread peace, love and muD


Health-Nut Miriam took one look at the ice cream Sam was eating & said, ‘what the MUD is going on here?’ She took loving action & whipped up coconut milk & dates to make a dairy free ice cream.


Sweet-Tooth Sam scooped in & exclaimed ‘Holy MUD!’ Then he went on & on about how it's sweet, creamy, delicious & he will eat it everyday & feel good doing it. 

For ice cream lovers that want a clean ingredient option, eat MUD! A perfectly rich and creamy dairy free ice cream with no added sugars, sweetened only with dates, the whole fruit!

Since 2015, we have been sharing MUD with thousands of beautiful souls like you. Every time you enjoy MUD, you are also helping us on our mission to spread Mindfulness Using Desserts ®